Old Mini-Comic: So What Now?


This is a comic I did about rebounding.

The title was the name of the exhibition I made it for. I even set up a little table and borrowed bean-bags for people to sit and read them on. This was the most popular of all my comics there and I had to keep printing more copies of it more than the other ones as the exhibition was running since they kept running out. I was delighted even though I was broke as hell when it was over. The fact that people wanted to read my work was more exciting to me.

Someone even told me their mother kept a copy of it on their coffee table because it resonated with her so much. That meant a lot to me.

Since I made it in a rush for the exhibition I enforced a couple restrictions on myself that actually allowed me to get it done quicker:

  1. Rhyming poem for the text.
  2. Same template for the layout of all the pages.

Restrictions and rules actually do help productivity.



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